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Spray Tanning


We are driven to deliver exceptional results for clients. We use and recommend Aviva Labs professional spray tan solution.

Our staff are trained dedicated spray tan consultants and will deliver you a perfect flawless natural looking spray tan. We will choose the perfect level for your skin type with 6 different shades ranging from a light for a natural look to extra dark for those who are like a rich bronzed look.

If you are in a rush, make the most of our express tan which develops in 1 – 3 hours. Muse staff will educate you on the importance of spray tan maintenance and how to prepare your skin for ultimate results.


  • Full Body
  • Full Body Express Tan

Before your tan

Shower and exfoliate your skin thoroughly. Pay attention to rough, dry skin areas such as knees, elbows, ankles and tops of feet. Waxing and shaving  is to be should be done at least 24 hours before. Your skin must be completely free of any moisturizer, deodorant, makeup or perfumes.

After your tan

Wear loosely fitted clothing after your tan. Any minor excess bronzer will wash out of most fabric. Avoid wetting your skin or avoid activities that will cause over perspiration between the tanning and showering phase. You may shower after 5-8 hours. After each shower, always pat your skin dry with your towel. Moisturize daily and avoid using hot baths, chlorinated pools, and spas will reduce the life of your tan.

Aviva Labs:  have developed a sunless tanning solution that is truly different. They only use superior, essential and natural ingredients. Aviva Labs spray on tanning solution offers numerous benefits, including: 

  • Quick drying
  • Non-sticky
  • It's not messy
  • Instant wearing
  • Odorless
  • Natural ingredients
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