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Sustainable Salons Australia


Our goal is to achieve zero waste.

Currently we collect up to 95% of your salon waste.

We now recycle 95% of all our salon waste including cut hair. With each visit to our salon you not only look good but also you are contributing to creating a better future for our generations to come.

Our commitment is to:

-Reduce our ecological footprint
-Achieve zero waste
-Support charitable causes
-Implement environmentally sustainable practices

What does this mean you ask? 

Hair- Hair is made into hair booms oil which helps relief oil spills, 1 hair boom can clean up 4 litres of oil. Hair cut any longer then 15cm are donated to the Variety Children's charity. It takes 20 ponytails to make one wig! 

Metal/foil/razors- donated to non-profit community based organisations. 2 full head of foils can feed a homeless person; any profit made is given to Oz harvest. 

Chemical waste- 80-90% of our colour is made up of water. Any colour wastage we have is turned into drinkable water. Our excess chemicals build roads!

Plastic- recycled, made into building material and gardening equipment. Our plastic waste protects your internet!

We believe that if we as an industry come together and share a common goal of zero waste we can make a change that will have a positive outcome for future generations, the environment and our industry as a whole.

Here at Muse. The Hair Room we make green choices everyday! Being part of the solution doesn't have to cost the earth.

The Muse. Team